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Speed Dome Camera

Speed Dome Cameras are most Dome shaped with the most important feature of 360 ° PAN Rotation and 180° tilt. Speed Dome Camera includes Optical Zoom and Inbuilt Motor with a large range of zoom and it’s depended on the model. This camera includes weatherproof and makes it easy in outdoor locations. This camera moves automatically on the pattern of movement and set for auto tracking which helps the better recording of the area under surveillance more effectively. It helps in wide ranges of accessories with easy installations



  • Camera Rotation Range – PAN  0°-360°, Tilt -5°-180°


  • Optical Zoom – Optical Zoom Ranges are 12x /23x /27x /36x /64x /128x


  • Wide Range Dynamic – Auto/Manual Wide Range


  • Operating Voltage – 24V AC


  • Imaging Device – Uses CCD/CMOS Sensors